Whoopi Goldberg’s wildest moment on The View yet leaves fans reeling

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n an unexpected twist on a recent episode of The View, co-host Whoopi Goldberg’s spontaneous question to Alyssa Farah Griffin raised eyebrows, prompting immediate feedback from fans and fellow hosts alike.

Whoopi, known for her candid nature and often light-hearted banter, took everyone by surprise when she halted a political discussion to ask Alyssa, seemingly out of the blue: “Are you pregnant?” Alyssa, taken aback, responded with a resounding “No!” and a palpable mixture of shock and amusement, adding, “Oh my God!”

While the atmosphere in the studio was charged with bewilderment, an off-camera host questioned the sudden change in topic, wondering aloud: “Where did that come from?”

Adding to the tension of the moment, Alyssa light-heartedly pointed out the timing of the query: “You can’t say that when my mother-in-law is here, who’s dying for me to get pregnant!”

As fellow hosts scrambled to address the unexpected query, Joy Behar chimed in, asking Whoopi her rationale behind such a bold question.

Whoopi shocked fans with her question
© The View
Whoopi shocked fans with her question

Sunny Hostin playfully suggested taking bets at the table on the subject. The moment evolved into a more intimate revelation when Alyssa mentioned her and her husband’s hopes about expanding their family.

“We’re not blessed to be pregnant yet,” Alyssa shared, revealing her and her husband’s aspirations. “But we’re working on it.”

Alyssa was shocked by Whoopi's remark© The View
Alyssa was shocked by Whoopi’s remark

Alyssa, who tied the knot with Justin Griffin in 2021, also assured Sunny that she was fairly certain about her current non-pregnant status.

But she quipped that she might just take a test once she’s back home, just to be sure. In the spirit of keeping things light, Sara Haines humorously suggested Alyssa name her future child ‘Whoopi’, prompting a chuckle from the audience and Whoopi herself to retort, “Don’t do that to the baby.”

Whoopi Goldberg smiling and raising her arms on The View
© Lou Rocco
Whoopi on The View

However, the incident didn’t go unnoticed by the fans of The View. Many took to social media platforms, specifically X (previously known as Twitter), to express their reactions to the unexpected live television moment.

Among the multitude of comments, one fan remarked, “Whoopi I love ya but that was inappropriate #theview.”

Whoopi on the red carpet looking stylish
© Ilya S. Savenok
Whoopi on the red carpet looking stylish

Another viewer found humor in the situation, saying, “I’m still laughing because this was so unhinged lmao #theview.”

During the episode, Whoopi did acknowledge the suddenness of her query and expressed her sincere apologies to Alyssa.

“I just got a vibe. I’m so sorry,” she stated, attempting to lighten the mood. Alyssa graciously played down the incident, replying, “Forgive me. You say I have this glow. I will take it! I will take it!”