1971 Trident Venturer Coupé

The Trident Venturer represented an evolution of the Clipper, which originally emerged as a design concept by Trevor Fiore, commissioned by TVR and showcased at the 1965 Geneva Salon. During one of its recurring financial challenges, the sports car manufacturer from Blackpool sold the Clipper project to Bill Last, one of its dealers based in Ipswich

In its early iterations, the Clipper utilized the TVR Grantura chassis before Last transitioned to the Austin-Healey 3000 frame and later to the Triumph TR6 platform for the associated Venturer and Tycoon models.

The Venturer employed Ford’s 3.0-liter ‘Essex’ V6 engine, while the Tycoon utilized the 2.5-liter fuel-injected powerplant from the Triumph TR6. Debuting in 1970, the Venturer was constructed on an extended TR6 chassis, granting it independent suspension on all four wheels. Over the years, the Venturer model underwent several refinements in its design, with a notable update being the introduction of an opening tailgate in 1971.

Approximately 225 cars of various models, including the Venturer, were estimated to have been produced by Trident between 1967 and 1978, although production in the later years seemed to have dwindled significantly.

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