1960 Dodge Dart Phoenix Convertible

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Having spent years establishing itself as a mid-range brand, positioned above Plymouth’s entry-level models but below Chrysler’s top-tier offerings, Dodge entered a new market in 1960. The goal was to compete with the economy models of Ford, Chevrolet, and inadvertently, Plymouth. However, Dodge’s approach to economy wasn’t synonymous with sacrificing quality or power. The 1960 Dodge Dart, introduced as part of this strategy, offered a range of options with multiple trim levels and five different engine choices. At the pinnacle of this lineup was the Dodge Dart Phoenix.

The 1960 Dodge Dart lineup had much to offer consumers. Designed by Virgil Exner, the Darts shared styling elements with Dodge’s larger and more expensive Matador and Polara models. Notably, all 1960 Chrysler products (excluding Imperial) adopted unibody construction, a method touted by Dodge for its strength, quietness, and increased interior space compared to traditional body-on-frame construction.

With three trim levels—Seneca, Pioneer, and Phoenix—and a variety of body styles, including convertibles and station wagons, the Dart lineup catered to a wide range of consumers. Whether one sought an entry-level model, a mid-range option, or a luxurious ride, the 1960 Dodge Dart lineup likely had a model that suited their preferences.